Glue, Styrofoam-Based Foam Adhesive, 1014SBFA, Red, 18.9L (5 gallons)

Code: MS1014CM32B

Product Description

This non-flammable foam bonding adhesive has been specially formulated to bond polystyrene foam to aluminum foil in the manufacturing of door panels. It also bonds cotton or moss to wood. It was formulated with non-flammable chlorinated solvents. This product can also be used to bind cork, felt, paper, fabric, foil, cardboard, rigid or flexible polyurethane foam and foam polystyrene.

Product Details

Adhesives Type

Foam Glue




18.9L (5 gallons)

Viscosity 25°C

150 – 250 cps


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  • Adhesives Type: Foam Glue
  • Colour: Red
  • Quantity: 18.9L (5 gallons)
  • Viscosity: 150 – 250 cps
  • Density : 1.2