Adhesive PUR, Jowatherm 608.00-86G, Yellow Opaque, Pellets, 9 Cans

Code: MS0608CM00A86

Product Description

For bonding thermoplastic edgebands (e.g. ABS, PP, PVC, PMMA), with a suitable primer coating on the reverse side, as well as edgebands made from resinated decor paper, aluminum with an appropriate pretreatment or veneer.

Product Details

Adhesives Type

PUR (Reactive Polyurethane) Hot Melt


Yellow Opaque


9 cans

Supply Form



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  • Adhesives Type: PUR (Reactive Polyurethane) Hot Melt
  • Colour: Yellow Opaque
  • Quantity: 9 cans x 0.5kg
  • Supply Form: Pellets
  • Viscosity: 120°C [mPas]: 90,000 ± 30,000
  • Density : At 20°C: Approx. 1.10 ± 0.10 g/cm³
  • Processing Temperature: 100-120°C (212-248°F)
  • Softening Point: Approx. 65°C ± 5°C (149°F ± 41°F)
  • Open Time: At 120°C (248°F): Approx. 7 ± 3 seconds
  • Alternate Code: Jowatherm 608.00-86G