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We have been globally networking and sourcing for 35 years bringing our customers the best products at the right price. We offer a wide range of products to meet their every need in hinges, slides, drawer systems, handles, kitchen accessories and various lines of custom cabinet doors and components

our goal

Increase customer value, efficiency, and assured mutual successes by creating a genuine partnership. We are customer centric, supplying the technical service, the chosen products by the customer, at delivery times needed.

our achievement

Over the years, we’ve developed the communication & operational procedures to consistently maintain a “just-in-time” system with customers with whom we’ve partnered. With our cooperation in their beginnings, a number of our 2 and 3 worker shops have developed into workforces in upwards of 450 workers.

OUR history

In the mid 1980’s, the recovery period following the worst recession since WWII, led to an ever-increasing demand for more efficient woodworking technologies and products. Canmade Montreal started in 1987 , as a national distributor with Montreal-made handles, knobs, furniture locks, & PVC edging & extrusions, while sourcing and importing the newer European functional hardware and it’s related technologies. The customer base served within Eastern Canada was home at the time to 45 to 60 % of Canada’s total furniture, kitchen & architectural woodworking factories who were in full transformation and ready for these new systems following Canada’s Metrification ( 1970 to 1985 ).

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